TBT: Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Wakarusa 2010

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad @ Wakarusa 2010

The first time I heard Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad was earlier this year at the G. Love & Special Sauce concert in Fayetteville (‘member that?). They were the opening act and I didn’t know anything about them. So I asked what kind of music they played, and a guy came over and said “it’s baby-making music.” That was my introduction to Giant Panda G.D.S. That guy was right, to certain extent, but after seeing them for a second time I learned they’re much more than just baby-making music.
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TBT: ALO at Wakarusa 2010

ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra) @ Wakarusa 2010

Music is good for the soul. And the ALO set at Wakarusa was just what my soul needed. There was a big crowd at the Revival Tent waiting for them, so when Dave Brogan’s drums started “Man of The World” (the title track of their new album) it gave cue for what would be a big sing-along. The set was a great mix of old favorites and new material. Songs like “Walls of Jericho,” “Wasting Time,” and “Try” are some of the must-know ALO songs; the smiles all over the audience made that evident to those seeing ALO for the first time.  Continue reading

Wakarusa 2013

Wakarusa 2013

All photos by @begt

The Wakarusa Music Festival took place May 31 – June 2 in my neck of the woods. And I’m quite literal when I say that, I’m talking about bear sightings here, people. The festival has taken place at the Mulberry Mountain in Ozark, AR since 2008 (just about 1 hour 15 min drive for me), after moving from The Clinton State Park near Lawrence, Kansas, where it was born in 2004.

I’ve held Wakarusa close to my heart since 2010, when I attended the first time. I’ve always enjoyed the beauty of Mulberry Mountain and appreciated the eclectic atmosphere. A lot of new music has made its way into my life through Waka. I’ve always loved it. All of it. Including the near sunburn I’ve gotten every year, despite all the sunscreen. But this year was different. After only a day at Mulberry Mountain, I bailed. No shame, no apologies. Let me tell you why. Continue reading