The Barenaked Ladies are Me

My wife jokes that I love “dad rock” music. The number one band of “dad rockers” is Canada’s own Barenaked Ladies (of whom my wife is a big fan). I have no qualms loving the Barenaked Ladies. I have been a fan since 1995 when a classmate shared with me “If I Had a Million Dollars”. Since that day, I have been hooked. I’ve grown up with BNL and they have grown up with me. Their songs have gotten more mature, the band has changed (Andy Kreegan (Jim’s brother) left in 1995 to be replaced by the amazing Kevin Hearn, founding member, primary song writer and singer Steven Page left in 2009) but their spirit has remained.

I’ve seen them live more than 10 times over the last almost 20 years. Each concert is a unique and exciting experience.  They are known for the live adlibs and raps which are audience favorites. I’ve never heard the same adlib more than once. It is evident that they love what they do. This summer they are kicking off the “Last Summer on Earth” tour with Guster & Ben Folds as support. Last summer, on their first “Last Summer on Earth” tour they were joined by Cracker, Colorado’s own Big Head Todd and the Monsters and Blues Traveler. This show was the 4th I’ve seen since the departure of Steven Page, and I can say that the band is better than ever. The four members seem more like brothers than anything else. Despite losing their most prolific songwriter, their last two albums have been packed with introspective songs as well as the fun upbeat songs that they are known for.

My personal favorite of theirs is “For You”.

Make sure to check out the Last Summer on Earth for dates and locations near you. The tour starts on June 17th in Dallas. I am heading to the June 23rd date in Los Angeles, and will make sure to provide a review of this year’s tour.

The first single off of their newest release, “Grinning Streak” (released on June 4th) is “Boomerang”. Check out this performance of the song from Live with Kelly & Michael.