I owe you so much: New Music

I have neglected my beloved space here, but I just don’t know where the last 2.5 months of my life have gone. After June 29th, time has been going faster. I’ve traveled everywhere. I’ve been to Indianapolis, Chicago, Las Vegas, Washington D.C., Denver, and took several stops in Utah and even Arizona. And live shows? Both, @docmurda and I have been to Red Rocks to see The Head & The Heart and to LouFest (which was, again, amazingness!). I don’t even live at the same address, or sleep in the same bed, or sit on the same sofa, that I did 2.5 months ago. And soon, I’ll even have fresh bone marrow, yo!


But today, a friend of mine tweeted a new song by Childish Gambino that I just had to share. Enjoy “Sober,” released a mere 20 hours ago.

The Concrete Schoolyard Podcast October 3, 2013

For our #TapeOfTheWeek the homie Danny Brown dropped a new album by the name of “Old” on the Tuesday before our show last week! The album is riddled with DOPE beats and songs and a few features from current hip hop royalty. Black Hippy members Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul both contributed to Dope Fiend Rental & Way Up Here respectively. 25 Bucks featuring Purity Ring is sick, Kush Coma is definitely a banger with A$ap Rocky & ZelooperzDubstepFloat On & Wonderbread are among the other standouts on an album that truly defines Danny Brown. He seems to have fused Danny from “Hybrid” with the dirty ODB-esque foul mouthed Danny from “XXX”

If the Link is not working CLICK HERE

danny-brown-old-artworkYou’ll just have to go listen HERE! Not enough Danny Brown? Well here’s Continue reading

Happy New Music Tuesday

I got my new Jack Johnson album From Here To Now To You last night, and this morning I forgot it at home… thank goodness for Amazon Cloud Player, Google Play, and all similar goodness of the Interwebs. I am jammin! This album is so happy and Jack Johnson-y that I can’t help but love it. The first single “I Got You” didn’t do much for me, but the rest of the album is great. I’m loving “Washing Dishes” and “Shot Reverse Shot” and “Tape Deck” and… well, you get the idea.

The making of “Radiate”

The other release I’m excited about is GROUPLOVE‘s Spreading Rumours. GROUPLOVE’s second album is just as awesome as their first one, very much Summer sounds, as if I didn’t miss Summer much already. The L.A. band’s new album was available for first listen through NPR (I think this is one of the requirements for a hipster band according to @DocMurda).

GROUPLOVE’s “Ways To Go”

With these two and the ton of new music I got from LouFest, I think I’m good for another week.

LouFest Spotlight: The Mowgli’s

Meet The Mowgli’s. One of the bands I have discovered thanks to LouFest‘s awesomeness. Learning about the band is giving me flashbacks to @DocMurda’s description of a hipster band, although I wouldn’t call them that. The Mowgli’s are an eight-piece alternative rock band from southern California. Their sound is easy and the harmonies remind me a lot of Family of the Year.

They have only one album, Waiting For The Dawn, which is very much worth the listen. They play LouFest on Sunday at the same time that The Lonely Biscuits do. Oh, schedule conflicts, what would we do without them. Oh yeah, enjoy all the awesome music! I’m going to try to see these guys and gal.

The will be touring with WALK THE MOON this Fall.

Other songs to check out are “Emily,” “Love is Easy,” “Say It, Just Say It,” and the title track “Waiting For The Dawn.”

Check out: Caroline Rose


I’d like to introduce you to Caroline Rose, a singer-songwriter from Burlington, Vermont. Her debut album, America Religious, was released in early July, and it was co-produced with her partner of four years Jer Coons, according to her website. The album was born on the road, out of a compilation of stories and poems written while she traveled mid-America.

Her lyrics and voice are honest, which comes as a refreshment in this age of auto-tune. The tile track is by far my favorite, but the whole album is great! “Notes Walking Home From Work” is so haunting, and “This is What Livin Feels Like” just makes me want to get out of town.

The duo has been on the road since the release of the album, playing at cafes, bars and house concerts. If you like the music, buy the album, yo! She would fit so well at the Fayetteville Roots Festival, I wish I could just get her a place in it.

Here’s “America Religious” for you:

Tomorrow’s Music Releases

There’s a lot of cool music set to release tomorrow. I’m excited about two of them:

Michael Franti & Spearhead‘s new album All People is out tomorrow. Almost three years (What? Where does time go?) after Sound of Sunshine, comes this new album. I’ve been excited about it since he released his first since “I’m Alive.”

Noah‘s debut album Among the Wildest Things is due until August 20th, but the first single “Call Home” is out tomorrow.

If you don’t know who Noah Guthrie is, let me remind you. He is YouTube sensation who exploded last year with his cover of LMFAO’s “Sexy And I Know It.”

Ah, music, if it weren’t for Spotify, you would break my bank.

New Music Monday: Travis

In my teens and early twenties I listened to three types of music: gangsta rap, electronic and music from the United Kingdom. During this time period, I was introduced to the band Travis through their song and probably biggest hit in the US, the song “Why Does It Always Rain on Me?” from the album The Man Who. Travis, a four piece band from Scotland is fronted by lead singer, Fran Healy and features Andy Dunlop on guitar, Dougie Payne on bass, and Neil Primrose on drums. In total, Travis has released 6 albums, with their 7th to drop in early August. This album, Where You Stand has already had two singles released, including “Moving” which debuted today.

Some credit Travis with the popularity of bands like Coldplay and Keane who are fellow post-britpop acts. I personally prefer the introspection of Healy’s lyrics to both Coldplay and Keane, and am very excited that they have new music for the first time in almost 5 years.

Travis will be headlining a limited US tour this fall. I am hoping I can see them at their closest show in LA. I had the pleasure of seeing them perform on their Ode to J. Smith tour here in Las Vegas and saw Fran Healy perform songs from his solo release and Travis releases when he opened for Keane in 2010. The show I saw in 2009 is among my top 3 concerts of all time. The band does a great job engaging the audience and you can see that they really enjoy what they do. Fran has to be one of the most humble lead singers of any group, and at times seems like an odd choice for the front man of a band. However, as soon as he starts singing, you immediately know why he is where he is.

Enjoy “Moving” the 2nd single from their album to be released in August 2013.

You will like them if you like: Coldplay, The Fray, Keane.

Check Out: Ben Rosenbush and the Brighton

I really should get paid to listen to music…or at least to surf Spotify and highlight good music. On one of the many nights I spent on Spotify, I stumbled upon Ben Rosenbush and The Brighton. A mix of folk rock and instrumental escapades, Ben Rosenbush and the Brighton take the listener through songs of love and loss, and change. This Minnesota based act primarily performs in the upper midwest, but scored a few minor hits off of their 2010 release “The Brighton” and charted in CMJ’s top 200.

I was drawn first and foremost to the music. Very complex yet folksy. The music has multiple facets and gets better after each listen. Rosenbush’s voice is pretty haunting, but has more energy than some of his contemporaries (e.g. Bon Iver or Iron & Wine). The videos from their live performances also show quite a bit of energy.

My favorite of the songs off of their most recent release, 2012’s “A Wild Hunger” is called West.

Be sure to also give This Fire a listen. I found it to be a bit more in line with other folk artists popular at this time.

You will like them if you like: Iron & Wine, Wilco, the Avett Brothers

Oh, Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson is one of my long-time favorite musicians. I discovered his music when Sleep Through The Static came out, and fell in love. I’ve gone great distances to see him play live and I’ve defended him many times when people hate on his mellow. I got super excited when I heard the news of his new album set to release this year. And when I read that he played at Bonnaroo, it was the first time in my life that I wished I had been sizzling in Tennessee, just so I could be at that show. And as soon as the link to the first single from the album, which will be called  From Here To Now To You, came up on my twitter feed, I clicked it.

This first single, “I Got You,” is very much why Johnson is so loved and so criticized by many. It’s a mellow love song. Which is what you can say about so much of his music. Do I like it? Yes. Will I buy the album? Yes. Will I try to catch him on his tour? Yes. Do I hope that the rest of the album offers something new? Heck yes. And I hope for different sounds, because while I enjoy this song and I can appreciate it, it’s also forgettable. Unless he were singing it to me, in which case I would probably faint.

I’m still excited about the new album and wish it were being released a lot sooner than September. It’s been too long since the last one. Three years is too long, man! Anyway, here’s the lyric video. But you can catch the music video here.

New Music: Crystal Fighters

Summer is always the season where we get inundated with new, awesome music. I’ve been discovering a lot of new great songs lately… Or at least discovering that I have been missing out on some of these songs (Don’t you sometimes feel like you should have run into a band a couple of albums ago?)
One of the bands that has recently hit me in the face with great tunes is Crystal Fighters. I came to it by Spotify recommendation. This new-ish Spotify feature is a lot better than Pandora and iTunes recommendations, anyone else thinks so too? I thought it was a new band, but I was wrong. These guys have been around since 2007 and have two albums and a bunch of and remixes out. Their first album, Star of Love, was released in 2010, but didn’t make it to the States until the Spring of 2012. Their most recent album, Cave Rave, was released on May 27th. The first song I heard was “LA Calling” and was enough to get me hooked.

They sound like some type of alternative dance party spiced up with flamenco sounds (i.e. “Xtatic Truth”). The British/Spanish band has its origins in Navarra, Spain.

You will like them if you’d appreciate a remix of Grouplove, The Naked and Famous, and Ozomatli. I’m just going to leave you a couple of tracks here: