Spring into Summer New Music

I know I owe you all a wrap up of May…but it is not over yet…and I cannot make any promises about seeing another show before the end of the month.

April and May have been great months with a lot of great music that has been released. Some of the new releases I’ve been anxiously awaiting, and some of the others I did not know where coming, or had not heard the artist until Spotify let me know.

Where to start? The month of May has brought its ups and downs and so with that, I will begin with a new melancholy favorite of mine. Sharon Van Etten is a Brooklyn, NY based singer songwriter. She saw moderate success and popularity with her third full length record, Tramp in 2012. Just two years later, she has followed it up with We Are There. I’ve spent a lot of time listening to her over the last month, and really like her more minimalist tracks that aren’t quite folk, and aren’t quite blues. The track that both introduced and hooked me on her sound is “Every Time the Sun Comes Up”.

(I hadn’t see the video until I posted it. Wow. Love this video)

Electronic duo, Plaid, was introduced to me by a friend who is a fan. This London based duo has been on the scene since the early 1990’s. From their 10th full length Reachy Prints here is “Hawkmoth”:

So I don’t want to move from electronic music from this next one. In an act of glorious cross Scandinavian collaboration, Norwegian electronic duo, Royksopp and Swedish sensation Robyn have released Do it Again which is a small collection of amazing electronic experimentation. Some are a bit more poppy than others, but it is all golden. I’ve always thought that Robyn has an amazing voice, and one t hat works well with electronic music. Royksopp, while having one real hit in the US a few years back, has quite an expansive catalog and and have worked with a variety of artists over the years.

I’ve enjoyed each of the 5 tracks on the record, my favorite of the moment is the dance track which also serves as the title of the EP, “Do It Again”.

If this doesn’t make you move a bit, you may need to visit a doctor.

Last but not least, comes Matrimony. This North Carolina based 4 piece “family band” is no stranger to Sandy Beats. They have become one of my favorite bands of the last couple of years, and I am so very happy that they just released their first proper full length record, Montibello Memories. This record features a new mix of the previously discussed “Obey Your Guns” but does not include my favorite Matrimony track, “Golden City”. This record does have a mix of bluesy, indie folk and has a much more polished sound than their previous two EPs. They are hitting the road this summer, and I am seriously considering a mid-week trip to LA to see them preform.

Here is a live version “Southern Skies” which is the first track off of their new album:

I know the summer will have lots of new tunes for us to check out, and of course, previews of LouFest now that the lineup has been released. I am looking forward to a grand summer!

New Music Round Up

Beyond Spotify, I am very thankful for websites like YouTube and Vevo because they allow me to watch music videos. Due to my age, I still remember when MTV and VH1 played actual videos, and I still remember spending hours watching them.

I often spend hours watching them to this day…but now I can watch them on demand.

A few of them have been in heavy rotation for me or they are new videos from favorites of mine.

The New Zealand Band, The Naked and Famous has become an obsession of mine (not unlike Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros) . They will be releasing a new album, “In Rolling Waves” on September 16th. Their first single off  the new record is “Hearts Like Ours”.

This video gives me the chills.

As mentioned in a previous post, the Manic Street Preachers, are one of my most favorite bands. Since my last post, they have released another video off of their upcoming release, “Rewind the Film”. This new song, “Show Me The Wonder” is quite catchy. The star of the video, Craig Roberts, also happens to be the star in the Killers video “Here with Me” which was directed by Tim Burton and the song was co-written by Fran Healy of the band Travis. I like to make connections between the music I like… so there you have it.

Here is “Show Me the Wonder” from the Manic Street Preachers

You’ve also heard me talk about the North Carolina based band, Matrimony. This band made up of a married couple and two brothers of the female lead singer, has been a recent favorite of mine.

Their newest video is for a song called “Golden City”. I love everything about this song.

The Farewell Circuit is a Minneapolis based band that I found while surfing through Spotify one night. I really enjoy their sound, and style.

Their newest single is titled, “We Were Wolves”.

I heard about the San Diego based band, Wavves last Thursday at the Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros show. My friend and I met a drunk man who bought us drinks and told us about this band that is a mix of the Beach Boys  and Nirvana. They will be playing the same venue where we saw ESM0s and my friend and I were quick to pick up tickets to their show even before hearing them. After listening to their songs, I think we will be in for a treat.

Their newest single off of their most recent release “Afraid of Heights” is called “Demon to Lean On”.

Check Out: Matrimony

I spend many hours surfing bands on Spotify. On one such night, I stumbled across the band Matrimony. The song that I heard was instantly stuck in my head, “Obey Your Guns,” has a nice rockabilly feel to it, with an undertone of good old fashioned Americana. After further digging, I discovered that the name of the band is not without meaning. The band is actually a family affair. After meeting brothers CJ & Jordan, the Ireland born Jimmy was introduced to the younger sister and talented singer Ashlee. The romance spawned this Charlotte, NC based band. Many of their songs have an Americana roots feel  and include strong piano influences.

The band will be playing Bonnaroo later this month and  then will primarily be touring across the southeastern part of the US over the summer. They will not be making out West this time, but from the videos of their live performances, they are not to be missed.

You will like them if you like: The Civil Wars, Of Monsters & Men and The Lumineers