2AM Treats

Tonight I’ve not been able to sleep. Sometimes on nights like these good discoveries happen. The early discovery this morning comes from the band M83. M83 is a French electronic-rock-ish band formed in 2001. The band has 6 studio albums, with their most recent Hurry Up We’re Dreaming a two disc album from 2011. This was their breakout record in the US, with the single “Midnight City” getting a lot of airtime.

As you may know, I spend a lot of time watching music videos…but despite Hurry Up We’re Dreaming being a “perfect” record for me, I’ve never looked or desired to look for any videos associated with the album. That all changed tonight as I was watching a completely unrelated video, and in the suggested videos the track “Wait” came up. “Wait” is one of my favorite tracks off of HUWD, it is also the third in a video trilogy that tells the story of a group of “gifted” children. I just spent the last 20 or so minutes watching  the trilogy twice. Whether you like the music or not, the videos make quite an interesting story. Here they are in order:

“Midnight City”



Synth Pop Love

Much of my early music education took place during the late 80’s and early 90’s when synth heavy pop found significant airplay on the radio and MTV. Some of my favorite groups growing up included some of the more well know synthesizer heavy groups like  Erasure, Depeche Mode and Tears for Fears. While I am not happy that 80’s and 90’s fashion trends are coming back, I am very happy that this style of music is making a comeback.

Many of this current wave of synthpop bands have had relative commercial success like SandyBeats favorites The Naked and Famous and vets, M83. There are two bands in particular that I have been grooving to recently. The first lead me to the second. Brooklyn based St. Lucia (or Santa Lucia (loo-see-uh) to some) reminds me of the 80’s music I loved so much but with a contemporary vibe.

Here is Elevate (which once stuck in my head, never leaves)

St. Lucia (which is essentially just one guy, South African born Brooklyn resident Jean-Philip Grobler), is the producer of the album from my other guilty pop pleasure, HAERTS. HAERTS is a bit more introspective than St. Lucia and features a very strong and ethereal lead singer, Nini Fabi.

Enjoy Hemiplegia (from their newest EP of the same name).

Both acts are touring and appearing at various festivals during the spring and summer. I know I am hoping to see St. Lucia when they come to Las Vegas with Young the Giant.