Wakarusa 2014, Friday

Friday started out with some storms that went on until around 2pm. The first full set I caught was J Roddy Walston & The Business, who rocked at a very wet and not so full Revival Tent. They are pure rock and roll. Almost everyone was dancing super hard. And once they played my fave song, “Take It As It Comes,” it was all over! I loved their set and their energy.

I was able to catch Dr. Dog from the Love Hope Strength booth, they were good. But I was focused on signing people up. So I didn’t really pay attention. It was really good background music, though.

I walked over to a Rub N Butt’s BBQ place while STS9 was playing and ate the best BBQ nachos I’ve ever had, they gave me life! STS9 did awesome. I can really only enjoy them live, because I enjoy the light show and watching their fans go crazy. But after a while, the music starts sounding the same to me.

I waited around for The Flaming Lips with high expectations. I had heard it was a good show, but I guess it requires you to be high or drunk, and I wasn’t neither. There were a bunch of inflatable characters with shiny coats, there were ton of lights, there was a light platform, there were lights, and there was “Realize.” But you know what didn’t show up? The big, transparent ball containing Wayne. That shit was nowhere near Wakarusa. And it was the only reason why I stayed until the end of that show. At least now I can say I’ve seen them live, even if they didn’t impress me.

Happy Waka!

Wakarusa 2014 (and a non-musical note about it)

So I’m going to Wakarusa this year, for the 5th consecutive year. But this year is going to be different in many ways: I don’t have a photo pass, so no going into the photo pit. And this year, I’m volunteering… so not all time will be mine to wander around the musical mountain. I’m volunteering with one of the festival’s 12 non-profit partners, the Love Hope Strength Foundation.

Two years ago at Wakarusa, I registered to be on the bone marrow donor list. Around that time, I had been learning about how minorities were so underrepresented on the registry. So when someone of an ethnic minority needs a transplant, his or her chances of finding a match are ridiculously low. So I decided to register. To make it short, last month I was contacted about being a match to a 20-year-old male with Severe Aplastic Anemia. I went through the additional testing and was confirmed as a match. I’m just waiting on the date to go donate. So that’s why this year I decided to volunteer to get some more Wakarusos on the registry.

I went over the lineup and schedule this week, so I know what sets I’m going to catch. I hope to send daily updates here, but if I don’t have a good connection, then it will just be on twitter and instagram.

I’m going to leave you with this completely unrelated (apart from the Summer theme) video from The Head and The Heart.

Here’s to all the storms skipping Wakarusa! (Seriously)