My Summertime Playlist


It has been quite a while Sandy Beaters! Welcome to my 2014 Summertime Playlist! This was so much fun to compile! Of course my list is comprised of some of the coldest hip-hop, contemporary and feel good R&B music, just in time for the 4th of July. I will mix down these tracks and post the actual playlist soon, but for now you’ll just have to click the links  click this link to hear them on Spotify! Didn’t get them all on spotify but it’s pretty close!

I started off with an all time favorite summertime song The Recipe by Kendrick Lamar and progressed through classic and contemporary music in a blend I’m sure you’ll fall in love with.
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The Concrete Schoolyard Podcast 11-21-13

This week our #TapeOfTheWeek is from Dallas bred heavy hitters A.Dd+! It is titled DiveHiFlyLo: Every Man is King and it’s free! *Listen to our show here*


I’m stupid excited to introduce a #TapeOfTheWeek for A.Dd+ as they are from my stomping grounds of Dallas/Ft.Worth, Texas! I’ve been on them for a while as my cousins link up with them sometimes. E-Yo be hatin not showin my city love but it’s cool though because he did this week *shrugs*. E-Yo once again killed the airwaves for two hours of pure, unadulterated, underground awesomeness.

We had a full house with Dj E-Yo and I. Dj Mars, whose new show airs before ours, dropped by, Dj Beeeaaamerrrr (gotta say it like Schoolboy Q would) who has a show on Saturday and Dj Ecclesiastes 5foot7, who is currently working on a DOPE comic book called #Ralfie&Rockwell also came by. They were all too scared to “get on the mic doe” Anyway, I’m not going to talk your ear off just listen to the show!

My City. Shout out to A.Dd+

The Concrete Schoolyard September 26, 2013 Podcast

Dj E-Yo held it down alone last night while I attended to MMALockup business and interviews! He dropped a brand new Schoolboy Q – Banger (MOSHPIT) at the beginning of the show and you heard it here first!


Plus SO MUCH NEW MUUUUUUSSSSSIIIIIC! I’m still having plugin issues with WordPress so: Listen HERE now!

The Concrete Schoolyard September 19, 2013 Podcast

DJ E-Yo’s first set got it started filled with new jams from Digital Diamonds (John Wayne, Scoop Deville and Chuck English)ADd+J. Cole and BassMelo XJohnny Polygon, and more.



Our #TapeOfTheWeek is A Tribe Called Kast by Dj Nappy Needles.

Tribe called kast

Later we got into the new Pusha T and Kendrick Lamar – Nosestalgia This is the explicit version. 

Also here is Dj E-Yo’s mix from his last live show at Hip Hop History, CLICK HERE or the picture below. Hip Hop History is an event that goes down at the Smoke N Barrel Tavern where six to seven Dj’s play their favorite music from a certain era in hip hop. Usually at the end of the night there is some big finale such as a dual or triple Dj battle. E-Yo’s set was titled “The New Underground”


Enjoy, and remember it’s The Concrete Schoolyard your latest and greatest in hip hop you haven’t heard.

The Concrete Schoolyard September 12, 2013 Podcast

We finally got to come back and throw you some super dope beats and rhymes! This week’s #TapeoftheWeek is brought to you by Open Mike Eagle (who performed at Smoke N Barrel in Fayetteville a week before the show with LucioMegaRan and Homeboy Sandman) titled Sir Rockabye! This is what you call a name your price album. You can get it for free but throw the brother some cash. He’s independent and releasing this music through his own personal means.

*Click Here For The direct link*


We started the show hot with a new Blu song produced by Pete Rock, new Vic MensaAMP LiveJerreau of Fly Union, Wu-Tang Clan and much more! Ya’ll keep it locked as we bring you the latest and greatest that you never heard right here on The Concrete Schoolyard!

Still trying to figure out why these players aren’t working on my page.

Concrete Schoolyard Hiatus, Chance the Rapper & Tech N9ne

Sorry we’ve been preempted by so many school sports (volleyball and such) at the Concrete Schoolyard the last two weeks. We have no power over this, BUT I can still put you on some dope hip hop, at least what I’ve been jammin.

First Up: Chance The Rapper – Acid Rap (IT’S FREE)


I’ve been jamming this HARD. It’s freaking free and it’s amazing. Chance is bros with Childish Gambino (Donald Glover to you television buffs) who apparently dropped a dope short film I am currently watching! These dudes are making classics right now and Acid Rap is no exception with hit singles “Juice,” “Smoke Again” and “Favorite Song” with the aforementioned Childish Gambino.  My favorite track, BY FAR, is “Cocoa Butter Kisses” ft Vic Mensa and Twista. This melodic track is peppered and stained (no pun intended) with somber lyrics of love lost, addiction and homesick paternal love. If you aren’t listening to it while you read this, you’re crazy. The album is filled with tracks speaking on personal issues and pushing through. “Everybody’s Something” is another awesome track with a message. He is putting on for Chicago, seriously. It’s one of the best mixtapes I’ve heard in 2013. I seem to be saying that a lot now. Why? Because 2013 is shaping up to be one of the best hip hop years I’ve had in a while. I thought 2012 went hard, man 2013 has more hits and mixtapes than I can fix my ears to listen to. Understand this Chance deserves respect, give him a…chance? Lol. Right, give Chance a chance.

Secondly: Tech N9ne – Something Else

SomethingElse banner

I have an album review of this coming soon so I won’t drop too much knowledge here. As a rap, rock, jazz, soul, alternative rock and slight screamo fan you’d have to check this album out. With features that range from The Doors, Dallas track wrecker and female emcee Snow tha Product, T-Pain, Kendrick Lamar, B.o.B., Trae tha Truth, as well as Strange Music heavy hitters Krizz Kaliko and Mayday! this album delivers in droves. I mean, it may be the most complete project that Tech has put out. In this album he discusses his journey through music with no love from the black community until recentl, his Christianity in spite of the belief that he is a devil worshipper his constant struggle with past addictions, and the empowerment he received from Strange Music, his record label. I could talk all day on this album, maaaaaaan, it’s so good front to back. Check the track listing here. *Album review coming soon*

With all the violence in the mainstream, negativity and negative publicity rap gets or brings upon itself, it is absolutely refreshing and invigorating to hear a relatively new rapper in Chance and an older legend in Tech N9ne speak on issues, pain and getting over these things.

The Concrete Schoolyard August 22 2013 Podcast

This week we tackled a lot of new hip hop as school starts next Monday. Earl Sweatshirt’s Doris dropped Tuesday and was our #TapeOfTheWeek. Sweatshirt is of Odd Future fame. We played everything from new Childish Gambino – Centipede to Rapsody – Jedi Code to Yasiin Bey – Black Jesus. Sadly, we reported that Jean Grae’s mother, the South African Songbird, passed and we played some Jean’s classic rhymes in honor of this.

Not sure why these media fire players may not be working. Let me know If you’re experiencing player problems. Click here to go straight to MediaFire.


The Concrete Schoolyard Aug. 15 2013 Podcast

In this show we address the Kendrick Lamar controversy! What a show it was, we even had a whole set dedicated to #RappersKendrickNamed and it was ON FIRE!

K. Dot

This show has a talk heavy segment because hip hop drama called for it. From what I was told by our fans out on Dickson Street last night, it was an engaging conversation. Head over the The Concrete Schoolyard to join the conversation.