“You Can Count on Me to F*ck Up Everything”

If you have ever read a post by me on this fine blog, you will know I like folk music and I like sad music. What happens when you combine the best of both worlds? You get bands like England’s Bear’s Den. A dear friend of mine first told me about this trio due to our shared love of all things melancholy.

There have been 3 songs that I cannot get out of my head, so I keep them playing frequently.

The first song, “Auld Wives” is off their most recent release Red Earth & Pouring Rain. 


The first song I listened to from Bear’s Den was “Agape” from their first full length release Islands. This one is a little bit more folky, which is definitely what got me hooked. The word “agape” is a Greek/Christian word for love. The song may be about a person, but I like to think it is about the concept of love, especially with lyrics like this:

“So tell me how long, love, before you go, And leave me here on my own, I know that I don’t wanna know, Who I am without you”.

Finally, the third song from Bear’s Den that keeps sticking my head is “Elysium” which is also from Islands. The video has also taken on a life slightly independent of the band. You can read about the creation of the video here.

I quite like how this band uses their videos to make their songs something different. And we all know how I feel about music videos.

Check Out: Frank Turner

I’ve been known to prefer music from the other side of the pond. This feeling used to be more prevalent than now due to all the amazing music coming from the streets and garages of this great country. However, I still have a soft spot for the music from the British Isles. A few months ago I stumbled on to the man, Frank Turner. I will be quite honest, when I first heard his song “Recovery” I thought he was just some British X Factor hack who got a recording contract from the song due to the popularity of modern folk rock. Boy, was I wrong. And I am so very glad I was wrong.

Turner got his start playing in punk and post-hardcore bands in England. After his band Million Dead split up in 2005, he decided to take his music another direction which included going solo.  He has referred to himself as an “English country singer” and does not embrace the labels of fellow folk singers from across the pond like Billy Bragg who is known for both his love songs and his protest songs. However, even Bragg himself has defended talk about Turner being into “right-wing” politics. I am not British, but listening to Turner’s lyrics, I think the man is very much pro-people, for what that is worth.

Turner has released 5 albums with his latest coming out this year Tape Deck Heart. He is getting ready to embark on a North American tour which includes stops in the midwest and west coast as well as Canada. He is coming to Las Vegas, and hopefully I will be able to catch his show, if I am not broke from seeing so many concerts.

His most recent single, “Losing Days”

Also off of Tape Deck Heart is “The Way I Tend to Be” which is probably my favorite of his songs.

The song that sold me on Frank Turner after first dismissing him was “I Still Believe” off of England Keep My Bones.

I really enjoy his lyrics, especially on this song. I think this song is a great representation of why I enjoy music so much. This blog is a manifestation of this belief. “I still believe in the sound that has the power to raise a temple and tear it down”…”Just remember folks we’re not just saving lives, we’re saving souls we’re having fun”.

You will like him if you like: Mumford & Sons, Flogging Molly, Billy Bragg, Dropkick Murphy’s.