2AM Treats

Tonight I’ve not been able to sleep. Sometimes on nights like these good discoveries happen. The early discovery this morning comes from the band M83. M83 is a French electronic-rock-ish band formed in 2001. The band has 6 studio albums, with their most recent Hurry Up We’re Dreaming a two disc album from 2011. This was their breakout record in the US, with the single “Midnight City” getting a lot of airtime.

As you may know, I spend a lot of time watching music videos…but despite Hurry Up We’re Dreaming being a “perfect” record for me, I’ve never looked or desired to look for any videos associated with the album. That all changed tonight as I was watching a completely unrelated video, and in the suggested videos the track “Wait” came up. “Wait” is one of my favorite tracks off of HUWD, it is also the third in a video trilogy that tells the story of a group of “gifted” children. I just spent the last 20 or so minutes watching  the trilogy twice. Whether you like the music or not, the videos make quite an interesting story. Here they are in order:

“Midnight City”




New Music Monday: Moby

It is too late on Monday evening for me to start a post about Moby. When it comes to music and my life there has been one artist that has been with me the longest (of my own choosing). That person is Mr. Richard Mellville Hall better known as Moby (who is in fact related to Moby Dick author Richard Mellville).

Moby is known as an electronic music pioneer. He delved into the scene in the late 1980’s after being in the Vatican Commandos, a hardcore punk band. His electronic styles have changed, evolved and have been revisited throughout his career.

After releasing his two most well-known records in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s (Play & 18), moby has continued to push the boundaries of electronic music and the actual production of music. While being outspoken is not new to this man, the last decade has seen Moby come to more prominence based upon his personal beliefs and values than his music. A devoted Vegan, he has spoken out about animal welfare for years, and even titled is 1996 punk record Animal Rights. He is also a proponent of Net Neutrality and argues for the disbanding of the RIAA.

His next record Innocents will be released in October. The first single, A Case for Shame was released last week. According to his Facebook Page, he will be releasing a self-made video for the song. In the meantime, you can enjoy the song without any stunning visuals (edit: I’ve added the official video shot and directed by Moby):

I could write a book on Moby, but I will have  to save that for another time.