New Sounds (5/5): KONGOS

So, after listening to Sir Sly, I couldn’t help but switch to KONGOS. I’ve been on their YouTube channel for a while today. I should tell you right now, that I feel like I am the last one to find out about these dudes. IN FACT, while listening to “Come With Me Now” all I could thing was “Have I seen this dudes live before?” They sound like they could have been at Wakarusa before.. and I’ve been to many Wakarusas. Of course, after a quick Google search, it doesn’t seem like they have. Still, they sound so familiar. They have been around since 2007 and are based in Arizona, but they have South African roots.

“Escape” – I really liked this song. Maybe because I want to escape right now. I always want to escape. Let’s not get much into this, it may get complicated.

“It’s a Good Life”

“I Want To Know” TMI Sessions (live, because I had already posted the album version)

This was a fun challenge. I think @docmurda should totally get in on this.

New Sounds (4/5): Sir Sly

I’m back at the office after MLK Jr. weekend and came back to my incomplete mini-challenge from last week. So I opened SoundCloud and started listening to Oh Wonder, a band I discovered through Mausi. They’re cool and all, but didn’t really click with me. But once their songs finished, SoundCloud continued playing other stuff and that’s how I landed on Sir Sly‘s “You Haunt Me” and loooooooved it. Totally reminds me of Foster The People.

“You Haunt Me”

“Easy Now” (live)

“Ghost” (live)

“Found You Out”

So I just looked at their Tour schedule and they are coming to Cain’s Ballroom on the 30th of this month Sunday, February 1st. They are touring with KONGOS, so here’s a bonus to this post.

Hmmmmmmm…. I need a concert-going friend, because this show looks promising.

New Sounds (3/5): Mary Lambert

I ran into Mary Lambert after looking up more #AmexAIR performances and it was love at first sight.

It’s not completely crazy that her song “Secrets” reminds me a lot of Meghan Trainor‘s “All About That Bass,” WHICH (just so you know) I only heard for the first time at the end of December when I was bored and did one of those internet quizzes that promised to tell me what my theme song for 2014 was. My 2014 theme turned out to be Trainor’s hit that I had never listened to. Yep, that’s right, I don’t listen to radio and completely ignore Spotify most popular playlists and that’s how I’ve gotten here without listening most of the hits until they’re one the way out or out completely. What the opposite of being a hipster? When you like things after everyone does? Well, I can only blame El Salvador for that. Bands only go play concerts there when they get old. I think Pearl Jam only made it to Central America in 2011. And so did Aerosmith, when they had a concert in El Salvador in 2013 (LOL!) I can’t say I blame these bands, really. But it’s all such a joke.

Well, let me get back on track here. I was talking about Mary Lambert. I don’t know much about her apart from the fact that she looks like a complete bad ass and has an amazing voice. Let’s explore some tracks together, shall we?

The video to the song is awesome, but this take is really impressive, so this is the one you get from me.

“When You Sleep”

“So Far Away” (audio)

New Sounds (2/5): Betty Who

Finding new bands (that I like) has been harder than I thought. Yesterday I fell through the rabbit hole and came up empty-handed.

First, I tried the endless space that is Spotify and didn’t find anything that really made me smile. So then I tried to pick random bands from the Wakarusa 2015 lineup that I had never heard before. Well, I every band I happened to pick was a jam band and I just wasn’t feeling that yesterday.

So today I tried my luck with Noisetrade and (yay!) I’m smiling now with the soundtrack I have going at my desk.

Have you ever heard of Betty Who? I hadn’t. She’s from Australia and is now based in NY. Her album Take Me When You Go was released in October 2014, but there are about 154,598 mixes of each of her singles. She’s got the pop-ish fun that reminds me of Mausi and of Summer. And I’m a fan of her platinum blond hair, which reminds me of P!nk’s.

Enjoy with me, would you?

“Somebody Loves You”

“All Of You”

“Dreaming About You” Live from the American Express UNSTAGED Concert.

New Sounds (1/5): Miniature Tigers

The first band discovery of the week goes to these dudes called Miniature Tigers. According to Wikipedia, they are from Phoenix, AZ, but are based in Brooklyn, NY. I’m not sure if that is still true, because they don’t list their location on any social media account, but we’ll go with it. If I had to guess, I would have said they were from California. They have that California pop sound that’s been popular in the last few years.

I found them on Spotify and I really like their most recent album, Cruel Runnings, released in June of last year.

Here’s their song “Oblivious”

“Swimming Pool Blues”

And finally, the earworm that is “Sadistic Kisses”

Happy New (Year) Sounds!

Happy New Year! It’s still January, so it still counts, right?

This year I’m giving myself 5-day mini challenges in order to make weekdays a bit more memorable than previous years. I wrote a bunch of 5-day challenges in paper and put them all in a box. Each Monday, I pull out a piece of paper and see what’s going to be the deal of the week. This week, I started on Tuesday. Why? I was stick Monday and I had left the box of challenges at the office.

Anyway, this week my challenge is to find 5 new bands. Bands I like, of course. When I saw the paper I got excited, but now, just mere hours later, I’m a bit worried.

There are so many sounds online… in the vastness of the interwebs. I already listened to several new (to me) bands and haven’t really liked any. I’m in for a real challenge here, and I will keep you posted.

Wish me luck. Or better yet, recommend me unknown sounds.