Sandy Beats started as a way for two friends (@DocMurda and @begt) to recommend music to one another, but it has grown into a music appreciation collective. We come from all walks of life, appreciate all kinds of music, and get passionate about it.

DocMurda@DocMurda: I grew up listening to Motown, the Beatles, John Denver and Neal Diamond. My parents never hesitated to share their music with me, and those songs still live with me today. The first CD I bought in 6th Grade was Ace of Base, and I studied Algebra while listening to the smooth flow of Warren G. Today my tastes range from old time Bluegrass like Ralph Stanley to the driving beats of Paul Van Dyk. This ride we are about to take is going to be sweet and will have the best soundtrack you can ever imagine.

begt@begt: I grew up listening to Rock, Pop and Reggae (all en Español), while still getting a healthy serving of international music super stars like Michael Jackson and Madonna. The Beatles ruled my dad’s LP player and my brother introduced me to other classics. I loved Shakira when she was the Alanis Morissette of Latin America. And I went through the obligatory Menudo craze phase that came with being a girl in Central America in the 1990′s. These days, I listen to all kinds of music. From folk to rock to pop to a little bit of electronica, you name it. I would pick going to a live show over doing about anything else (even going to the beach). I’m also a photographer and, as a friend calls me, a crazy artist. I’m ecstatic about sharing music I discover through this blog. Get ready!

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