Tom Morello @ Brooklyn Bowl 11/3/19


I got to experience Tom Morello live recently for the first time ever, just before the set Rage Against The Machine reunion in 2020. He’s currently on his tour for The Atlas Underground, his most recent album where he featured everyone from Portugal. The Man, Big Boi, Killer Mike, k.flay, Marcus Mumford, Bassnectar, Vic Mensa, and another few I don’t even know. I mean, it seems like the only one missing there was Lizzo. So with all the talent and magic in that album, I really didn’t know what to expect. But I was excited. And so sad that my partner in crime @docmurda couldn’t join me to the show.

I got there early enough to catch the opener, Vic Mensa’s 93PUNX. I was pumped. From the start, there was no question that this show was full of intention. The ACLU Nevada had an info table near the bar, the songs were fire, and I was taking it all in.

And then Tom Morello came out. Damn, son. What an amazing show. I was wondering how he would manage to hold a show on his own with no vocalist… here’s what I learned, Tom Morello don’t need nobody. He took center stage and blew us all away with his guitar magic. The giant screen behind him kept flashing messages, video, and images that had me on full-on goosebumps mode the whole night. During “Rabbit’s Revenge” the names of victims of hate and police brutality flashed behind him; Emmett Till, Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland, and so many others.

The night ended in a bunch of people joining him on stage for “Killing In The Name Of.”

Hey @docmurda, we’re going to need to catch Rage Against The Machine during the reunion next year.

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