The Lumineers’ “Submarines” on repeat one

Some mornings I wake up with a song stuck in my heart. Some days is a weird one that I haven’t listened in a while. Today, I woke up singing Prince’s “Raspberry Beret.” So, naturally, before I got in the shower I wanted to play it, but it turns out I didn’t have it on my iTunes library. A regular person’s next step would have been to get online and look for the song. But I am no regular person! It’s a long story, but I still don’t have Internet at my place. So what did I do? I searched for a random band and ended up with The Lumineers and hit play. Then later, when I was making my awesome smoothie for the day, “Submarines” came on. And it was like I was listening to those lyrics for the first time ever. I’ve been working on mindfulness lately, so maybe I’m a little more sensible to everything. So, needless to say, that song made me smile so much. I like songs that tell me a story. And the story of this guy telling a story that no one believes set the tone to my day. Don’t we all have those stories? I sure do.

So here’s my repeat one for today:

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