One month and 6 Days Late – Happy 2015!

As my good friend @begt likes to point out, I have been slacking in 2015. The truth is, I’ve started a new job, I’ve got a new outlook on my year, and I’ve got a beard. All these things take time and energy…but rest assured, Sandy Beats and music are still a priority for 2015.

I know it is only February, but I’ve already found a couple of my favorite bands of the year.

The first is Air Review. This Dallas based quartet found their way into my ears via Spotify when listening to a a few “suggested” bands. The song that pulled me in was “America’s Son”.

Their 2013 album Low Wishes is incredible. I definitely suggest listening if you like a more atmospheric indie folk rock vibe.

My other first favorite band of the year is Priory. I saw this band at Life Is Beautiful and I vaguely remember them as being good. Then late last year they were one of the bands on the bill for a local radio station’s holiday show. I was excited to see them again and they did not disappoint. They were definitely a stand out in that show and after giving their debut self-titled record a listen and then their new EP, I was hooked. I think  that their song with radio play, “Weekend’ is good, but it does not even begin to showcase their sound and talent.

My favorite from them is “Put ’em Up”.

So there is just a small taste of what I’ve been listening to. More is definitely to come as 2015 progresses.

Here is to more music, more shows and more fun in 2015!

The Lumineers’ “Submarines” on repeat one

Some mornings I wake up with a song stuck in my heart. Some days is a weird one that I haven’t listened in a while. Today, I woke up singing Prince’s “Raspberry Beret.” So, naturally, before I got in the shower I wanted to play it, but it turns out I didn’t have it on my iTunes library. A regular person’s next step would have been to get online and look for the song. But I am no regular person! It’s a long story, but I still don’t have Internet at my place. So what did I do? I searched for a random band and ended up with The Lumineers and hit play. Then later, when I was making my awesome smoothie for the day, “Submarines” came on. And it was like I was listening to those lyrics for the first time ever. I’ve been working on mindfulness lately, so maybe I’m a little more sensible to everything. So, needless to say, that song made me smile so much. I like songs that tell me a story. And the story of this guy telling a story that no one believes set the tone to my day. Don’t we all have those stories? I sure do.

So here’s my repeat one for today: