New Sounds (5/5): KONGOS

So, after listening to Sir Sly, I couldn’t help but switch to KONGOS. I’ve been on their YouTube channel for a while today. I should tell you right now, that I feel like I am the last one to find out about these dudes. IN FACT, while listening to “Come With Me Now” all I could thing was “Have I seen this dudes live before?” They sound like they could have been at Wakarusa before.. and I’ve been to many Wakarusas. Of course, after a quick Google search, it doesn’t seem like they have. Still, they sound so familiar. They have been around since 2007 and are based in Arizona, but they have South African roots.

“Escape” – I really liked this song. Maybe because I want to escape right now. I always want to escape. Let’s not get much into this, it may get complicated.

“It’s a Good Life”

“I Want To Know” TMI Sessions (live, because I had already posted the album version)

This was a fun challenge. I think @docmurda should totally get in on this.

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