New Sounds (4/5): Sir Sly

I’m back at the office after MLK Jr. weekend and came back to my incomplete mini-challenge from last week. So I opened SoundCloud and started listening to Oh Wonder, a band I discovered through Mausi. They’re cool and all, but didn’t really click with me. But once their songs finished, SoundCloud continued playing other stuff and that’s how I landed on Sir Sly‘s “You Haunt Me” and loooooooved it. Totally reminds me of Foster The People.

“You Haunt Me”

“Easy Now” (live)

“Ghost” (live)

“Found You Out”

So I just looked at their Tour schedule and they are coming to Cain’s Ballroom on the 30th of this month Sunday, February 1st. They are touring with KONGOS, so here’s a bonus to this post.

Hmmmmmmm…. I need a concert-going friend, because this show looks promising.

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