New Sounds (2/5): Betty Who

Finding new bands (that I like) has been harder than I thought. Yesterday I fell through the rabbit hole and came up empty-handed.

First, I tried the endless space that is Spotify and didn’t find anything that really made me smile. So then I tried to pick random bands from the Wakarusa 2015 lineup that I had never heard before. Well, I every band I happened to pick was a jam band and I just wasn’t feeling that yesterday.

So today I tried my luck with Noisetrade and (yay!) I’m smiling now with the soundtrack I have going at my desk.

Have you ever heard of Betty Who? I hadn’t. She’s from Australia and is now based in NY. Her album Take Me When You Go was released in October 2014, but there are about 154,598 mixes of each of her singles. She’s got the pop-ish fun that reminds me of Mausi and of Summer. And I’m a fan of her platinum blond hair, which reminds me of P!nk’s.

Enjoy with me, would you?

“Somebody Loves You”

“All Of You”

“Dreaming About You” Live from the American Express UNSTAGED Concert.

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