I owe you so much: New Music

I have neglected my beloved space here, but I just don’t know where the last 2.5 months of my life have gone. After June 29th, time has been going faster. I’ve traveled everywhere. I’ve been to Indianapolis, Chicago, Las Vegas, Washington D.C., Denver, and took several stops in Utah and even Arizona. And live shows? Both, @docmurda and I have been to Red Rocks to see The Head & The Heart and to LouFest (which was, again, amazingness!). I don’t even live at the same address, or sleep in the same bed, or sit on the same sofa, that I did 2.5 months ago. And soon, I’ll even have fresh bone marrow, yo!


But today, a friend of mine tweeted a new song by Childish Gambino that I just had to share.¬†Enjoy “Sober,” released a mere 20 hours ago.