Waka 2014, Thursday

After the lovely drive down the Pig Trail, I got to Mulberry Mountain, home to Waka for the next few days. I set up camp and jump right into signing people up for the bone marrow registry with Love Hope Strength.

I spent most of the time at the booth, but we’re super close to the Main Stage, so there was plenty of music. I took a break to go catch Black Joe Lewis, who was amazing. And then split to go catch Michael Franti. I was pretty close to the front, and when Franti came by the crowd I high-fived him. His show was incredible. I have seen him a few times already, and he always brings a renewed energy to the stage. The highlights of last night were a solo, acoustic start to “Sound Of Sunshine,” an unreleased song dedicated to his youngest son, and a DJ jam at the end that included songs like Pharrell’s “Happy.”

Franti’s son, Ade, has recently found out he has a disease (pardon me, but I forgot the name of it) that will eat away his kidney functions until they don’t work anymore. Here’s a bunch I good vibes to Ade. He’s a warrior!

After Franti’s set, I made my way to the Revival Tent where I caught the last few minutes of Moon Taxi’s set. I’m not very familiar with their music, but what I heard, I liked. I’ll have to looked them up when I get home, cause the most my 3G connection gives me here is the middle finger. I’m only able to write this post now, because I woke up with the sun and everyone is still sleeping.

Happy Waka!

2 thoughts on “Waka 2014, Thursday

  1. Moon Taxi is playing LouFest…so you need to get with the program. How were they live? I really dig their stuff.

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