Foster The People’s new album is awesome

If you haven’t, you need to go over to Spotify to check out Forster The People‘s new release (or buy the album) now. From the makers of the super earworm that it was “Pumped Up Kicks,” comes the album Supermodel, with the catchy first single “Coming of Age.” I can’t get enough.

Prepare to feel guilty when you sing along “Best Friend,” although not as much as when you finally looked up the lyrics to “Pumped Up Kicks.”

I am a big fan of the album artwork, so instead of the official video, I bring to you this awesome time-lapse:

Also, prepare for tons of mixes to come out, just like they did with their first album Torches.

They happen to come near me (Tulsa, OK) exactly when I’m going to be visiting a friend in Seattle, but maybe I can convince a friend or two to take the trip with me to Kansas City, MO for their May 17th show.

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