Imagine Dragons @ BOK Center, Tulsa

A week ago, I woke up with Imagine Dragon‘s “Nothing Left To Say” in my head. It stayed there the whole drive back from Tulsa, even though my friends and I were listening to a bunch of different music. That was the last song of the show the previous night. A show that rocked the BOK Center in Tulsa. 

It was an amazing show. We got there in time to catch The Naked And Famous, but late enough to miss Nico Vega. I only knew NV played when I saw the shirts at the merch tables. 

Imagine Dragons dedicated the night to Tyler Robinson, who passed away last year at a very young age, after battling cancer. All the profits from that show also went to the Tyler Robinson Foundation, which was such a great gesture. The whole band wore matching shirts promoting the foundation. 

ID started out with “Fallen” one of my most recent favorites. Can you believe I didn’t know of the existence of this song until about 4 weeks ago? It came up on Pandora while I was getting ready for work and I had to run to the living room to check out the name of the song, because it didn’t sound familiar and I recognize that it was ID. That’s when @DocMurda pointed out I didn’t have the deluxe version of the album (damn you, deluxe versions!)

They played several favorites, from “Amsterdam,” to “Demons,” which made everyone get up and  take out their phone to record it, to the must of probably every performance, “Radioactive.” No “Tokyo,” though. I keep my hopes high that “Tokyo” will make its way back into their catalog. 

Now, before you hit play on the videos, let me apologize. I really don’t have any business singing, but you know… that’s what we do at concerts. Sorry for messing up the videos (LOL!)

Now, if you thought “that wasn’t so bad” well, that’s because this is where it really gets bad:

And here’s The Naked And Famous, who put on a great set. They sound a lot better indoors (last time I saw them was in the open, at the Blvd Pool at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas). They are coming back to Tulsa on May 31. And I’m currently looking for someone who wants to come with me to that show. Any takers?!

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