Foster The People’s new album is awesome

If you haven’t, you need to go over to Spotify to check out Forster The People‘s new release (or buy the album) now. From the makers of the super earworm that it was “Pumped Up Kicks,” comes the album Supermodel, with the catchy first single “Coming of Age.” I can’t get enough.

Prepare to feel guilty when you sing along “Best Friend,” although not as much as when you finally looked up the lyrics to “Pumped Up Kicks.”

I am a big fan of the album artwork, so instead of the official video, I bring to you this awesome time-lapse:

Also, prepare for tons of mixes to come out, just like they did with their first album Torches.

They happen to come near me (Tulsa, OK) exactly when I’m going to be visiting a friend in Seattle, but maybe I can convince a friend or two to take the trip with me to Kansas City, MO for their May 17th show.

A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Folk

I cannot believe it is already March. 2014 is whizzing by. I am not going to lie, 2014 has started like 2013 ended…which for me, was no bueno. But, there are some really exciting things about it being March. 1)It is the birth month of @Begt. Which, lets be real, is probably the best thing about March…every year! 2)I am a big fan of college basketball and March Madness! For the first time in many years, it looks like the university that is a common part of all three authors of this blog’s history should be in the NCAA tournament (the University of Arkansas, for those interested). 3)March means amazing weather here in Vegas. So far, not disappointed. 4)One month closer to April, which means, one month closer to the LouFest lineup announcement and one month closer to the amazing shows that will take place at the Cosmopolitan here in Las Vegas in April and May (St. Lucia, Grouplove, Childish Gambino, Empire of the Sun, to name a few). And, 5)It is @Begt’s birthday in March!

With that said, this week I’ve been listening to two bands on a more regular basis than others (well, there are three that I am listening to, but my last entry focused on one of them…Haerts). Both of these bands have a “country” vibe to them, but are most definitely not what we would call “country” especially compared to what is popular in country music these days.

The first of these bands is The Lone Bellow. This Brooklyn based act released their first record, The Lone Bellow in 2013. This three piece is known for their high energy shows and their catchy lyrics. Their first album was produced by Charlie Peacock, who also has produced the Civil Wars. While similar to other modern folk acts (Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers), the Lone Bellow exudes a bit more “soul”.

The first song that caught my attention is the super catchy sing-along “Green Eyes & a Heart of Gold”

I am not going to lie, I also enjoy that there is a mandolin player as a part of this group.

The second of these bands is Delta Rae. This Durham, NC based “family band” is a bit more country than I want to acknowledge, but their songs have much more folk appeal. One of my favorite things about this band is, as @Begt knows I am a fan of, all the members sing. While only 3 seem to take lead singing roles, you can hear the different voices on their various tracks. Delta Rae is composed of 6 members, with three of them being siblings (when you watch their videos, it is pretty easy to tell who is related). Delta Rae released their first record, Carry the Fire in 2012 and are currently working on a new full-length release as a follow up to their “Chasing Twisters” EP released at the end of last year.

And because I am enjoying this band so much right now, I give you two songs. The first, “If I Loved You” (ft. Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac)

And, “Dance in the Graveyards”, which is the song that got me hooked:

You will like both bands if you like: Churchill, The Civil Wars, Fleetwood Mac, The Lumineers.

Imagine Dragons @ BOK Center, Tulsa

A week ago, I woke up with Imagine Dragon‘s “Nothing Left To Say” in my head. It stayed there the whole drive back from Tulsa, even though my friends and I were listening to a bunch of different music. That was the last song of the show the previous night. A show that rocked the BOK Center in Tulsa. 

It was an amazing show. We got there in time to catch The Naked And Famous, but late enough to miss Nico Vega. I only knew NV played when I saw the shirts at the merch tables. 

Imagine Dragons dedicated the night to Tyler Robinson, who passed away last year at a very young age, after battling cancer. All the profits from that show also went to the Tyler Robinson Foundation, which was such a great gesture. The whole band wore matching shirts promoting the foundation. 

ID started out with “Fallen” one of my most recent favorites. Can you believe I didn’t know of the existence of this song until about 4 weeks ago? It came up on Pandora while I was getting ready for work and I had to run to the living room to check out the name of the song, because it didn’t sound familiar and I recognize that it was ID. That’s when @DocMurda pointed out I didn’t have the deluxe version of the album (damn you, deluxe versions!)

They played several favorites, from “Amsterdam,” to “Demons,” which made everyone get up and  take out their phone to record it, to the must of probably every performance, “Radioactive.” No “Tokyo,” though. I keep my hopes high that “Tokyo” will make its way back into their catalog. 

Now, before you hit play on the videos, let me apologize. I really don’t have any business singing, but you know… that’s what we do at concerts. Sorry for messing up the videos (LOL!)

Now, if you thought “that wasn’t so bad” well, that’s because this is where it really gets bad:

And here’s The Naked And Famous, who put on a great set. They sound a lot better indoors (last time I saw them was in the open, at the Blvd Pool at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas). They are coming back to Tulsa on May 31. And I’m currently looking for someone who wants to come with me to that show. Any takers?!