New Music: Paper Lights

This past week I’ve had a lot of time on my hands. I got food poisoning (I blame Del Taco, don’t judge) and had to call in sick to work. Between bouts of checking my work email and sleeping, I was listening to music and watching music videos. I listened to a lot new stuff, a lot of old stuff and a lot of in between. But one band stood out among all that I enjoyed. That band is Atlanta based Paper Lights. This six member band grew out of a collaboration between musicians who all had other endeavors going on. The band now describes themselves as a “collective” and a family more than a band.

What struck me first about the first song I listened to, “On Your Way”, was the atmospheric nature and the complimentary male and female voices playing off each other. The song felt hopeful, and yet sorrowful all at the same time. I’ve seen the word “cinematic” used to describe their music on other places across the web, and I think that is a good description, but does not really do them justice.

Currently, their incredible EP Caverns is available at electronic outlets include Noisetrade. I highly suggest picking it up. They have a new single coming out in March, and hopefully a full length will soon follow. They do not have many dates posted on their site now, and I hope that changes soon. I’d love to see them on a festival bill or come out west this summer.

Please enjoy, “On Your Way”. I can guarantee you’ll listen to it more than once.

You will like them if you like: Death Cab for Cutie, Churchill, The Fray

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