Here’s a video for you

I’ve been quite MIA from Sandy Beats, but it’s only because I’ve been busy SURVIVING. I had a pretty nasty case of strep throat that has left me behind on so much. I didn’t even notice where Autumn went, because it already feels like Winter here in Northwest Arkansas. But back to the music: Michael Franti released this video a couple (maybe a few) weeks ago and I wanted to share it with you. “Life Is Better With You” is a really happy, feel-good, love song. Although it is the type of love song that you could dedicate to a parent or a BFF. There’s a lot of kissing, diversity, and unicorns in this video. Which means, I LOH IT! Enjoy.

One thought on “Here’s a video for you

  1. This video is strange and whimsical…and I dig the song! I like that Franti is trying to bring out the hippy in all of us.

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