“If loving hippie makes me a hippie”

I giggled when I read “If loving hippie makes me a hippie…” on @DocMurda‘s review of Day 2 of LouFest. I have been labeled that before, a hippie. The first time someone called me a hippie was in El Salvador in 2001. I was out on the street hanging out with one of my best friends (because we do that in El Salvador) when we saw a girl walk by, her outfit was a bit different and I asked if she was a hippie and he said “no, she’s not. YOU are.” After that, it’s happened a few times. Whatever, let me get to the point of this post before I forget it or go too far off a branch. At my yoga class yesterday, the instructor had a playlist going on (I love that about my studio, there are some people that practice without music and I just don’t like that). In the middle of trying to hold triangle, “Om Nashi Me” started playing. This is my very favorite Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros song. So this mile-long smile took over my face and this feeling that I can’t even describe got in me. I didn’t know if I wanted to hold the pose forever, or just start chanting along, or leave the pose and dance. It was awesome. So I wanted to share that on this blog. Music is amazing. And me encanta that everyone on the Sandy Beats collective is on that same page. Music moves us. Now enjoy the song. It’s an old one, from the first album, but SO good.

3 thoughts on ““If loving hippie makes me a hippie”

  1. If being a hippie is wrong, I don’t want to be right. HAHA. This is a great version of the song. It is such a good song, and I didn’t know that Yoga was ever practiced with music. That is awesome that ESM0s was on the playlist. Only fitting.

    • This is the first studio where some of the teachers practice with music. Which is definitely my style! I want to make the playlist, maybe one of these days they’ll let me.

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