New Music: The Naked and Famous

I am a little late to the game as this record was released last Tuesday. But, you should still know about it.

The New Zealand group, The Naked and Famous, released their second full length album In Rolling Waves on Tuesday. This follow up to their 2009 debut release Passive Me, Aggressive You. I had first heard of this group on the radio with one of their first US hits, “Punching in a Dream”. I will be honest. I enjoyed the song, but it did not make me want to dive into the band. My instincts on this one were incorrect. A few months ago @Begt recommended that I give them another listen. As you have seen me say before, I became a bit obsessed and listened and re-listened to their first record.

I quickly began to appreciate their entire catalog and got really excited when they started talking about their 2013 release. This album I find a bit more subdued than their first, but it still has a few more dance prone tracks like “The Mess” and “I Kill Giants”. Their first single released in July, “Hearts Like Ours” was featured in a previous post, but the video really does need to be mentioned again. I find this song incredibly haunting (the video doesn’t help). This track has quickly slid into my the spot of my second favorite TNAF song following “Girls Like You”.

They are touring in the US this fall and Europe and Asia through the winter, so make sure to check them out if you can. @Begt and I will be seeing them in October at the BLVD Pool at the Cosmopolitan. This is the same place I saw Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. I am very excited to see TNAF in this venue.


One thought on “New Music: The Naked and Famous

  1. So, I’ve only half listened to this album. I haven’t paid any attention to any lyrics, but melodies alone, I found myself missing the upbeat tunes from their first album. I will give it another chance.

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