Check out: Caroline Rose


I’d like to introduce you to Caroline Rose, a singer-songwriter from Burlington, Vermont. Her debut album, America Religious, was released in early July, and it was co-produced with her partner of four years Jer Coons, according to her website. The album was born on the road, out of a compilation of stories and poems written while she traveled mid-America.

Her lyrics and voice are honest, which comes as a refreshment in this age of auto-tune. The tile track is by far my favorite, but the whole album is great! “Notes Walking Home From Work” is so haunting, and “This is What Livin Feels Like” just makes me want to get out of town.

The duo has been on the road since the release of the album, playing at cafes, bars and house concerts. If you like the music, buy the album, yo! She would fit so well at the Fayetteville Roots Festival, I wish I could just get her a place in it.

Here’s “America Religious” for you:

3 thoughts on “Check out: Caroline Rose

  1. Who is now obsessed with this singer and has two thumbs? This guy! (pointing my two thumbs at myself, which makes it hard to type).
    Plus…Jer Coons plays the mandolin.

    • I had been sitting on a press release on her new album since July. And it was not until yesterday that I took the time to listen to it. I guess everything has its time to reach us 😀

  2. These lyrics are so golden:

    America religious, I eat slices of white privilege processed by agri-business
    (ain’t this what you’d always dreamed it’d be?)
    The two-spot, dream-spot all scattered ‘bout the table as we plunged in ankle deep in table conversation
    Meanwhile out in the distance, through the mist there rang a scream
    as we all ducked our heads, we sheered our eyes
    “Lord, thank you for this feast”
    I think I’d like to take this time to toast myself
    “Here’s to the wine!”

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