The Concrete Schoolyard Podcast August 8, 2013

(In case the player isn’t working click HERE)

Last week’s show was phenomenal! Dj E-Yo and Dj El Barrrney brought you a rocking bass banging show! We ended up having like a two hour show with Dj Ecclesiastes 5 foot 7 and Fedora the Explora.

Our #TapeOfTheWeek was from one of Madlib’s personas, Quasimoto – Yessir Whatever


Is that Christina Ricci looking all fine after relations with Lord Quasi?

We went hard with Christopher Droner by Ab-Soul and killed it for over an hour and a half. If you need a hip hop fix bump this show ASAP!

We have some *New* Childish Gambino – Centipede also. Tune in and listen!

In case you didn’t know the Concrete Schoolyard is a storied program on Fayetteville’s KXUA 88.3 student ran radio. It’s past is deeply rooted and has always brought a much needed hip hop presence to a city that has struggled to have hip hop as a mainstay. It is currently Hosted by Japan born,  North Carolina raised Dj E- Yo, who has been a part of the show for more than a few years, and El Dorado born Dallas raised Dj El Barrrney.  

Each Dj brings different talents to the front.

E-Yo live mixes his sets for every show. That means he is on the turn tables as well as the mic. 

El Barrrney AKA Sandy Beats’ own Bernard Oliver focuses on social media and media relations. 

Both Djs focus on the online presence of the Concrete Schoolyard in the form of 1 1/2 hour podcasts. The show airs live on 88.3 in Northwest Arkansas Thursdays from 8pm-10pm and has been known to keep it up until midnight on special occasions. The show is also broadcasted live online at

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