New Music: Typhoon

This post is quite possibly the most hipster post I will ever write. Not because I’ve loved this band for years. In fact, I just heard of them on Tuesday. However, they are from the hipster capital of the world, Portland, OR. They also are made up of more than 10 members, which apparently makes you a hipster band. Anyway, haters beware, this band is pretty damn good. Which band? Well that would be Typhoon. I first heard about this band from a friend who had heard them on NPR…Now…if you’ve never been to the NPR Music website, you are missing out. There is a ton of free to listen music, and they also have many podcasts of live shows or short sets. The fact that this “discovery” was due to NPR, probably makes this post even more hipster.

Their new record, White Lighter, will be released on August 20th. Before then, you can listen to the album in its entirety at NPR. It won’t be up forever, so definitely check it out soon. Their sound incorporates deep emotional lyrics, poppy hooks, and horns. Who doesn’t love horns in rock music?

The video for their song “Dreams of Cannibalism” is a pretty good representation of what this new record sounds like. It is also very hipster. Some of their older stuff is a bit more raw than this.

You will like them if you like: Band of Horses, Dawes, and Young the Giant.

3 thoughts on “New Music: Typhoon

  1. They are good! I am listening to their album Hunger And Thirst on Spotify, and you can really notice how their newer stuff is more refined.

    I have a problem catching lyrics, but as I listen more closely, they are dark. I really like it.

    I wouldn’t call this band hipster, though. Maybe because when I think of a hipster band, I think of Portugal. The Man (who the eff puts a period in between the freaking band name?!), the XX, and Bon Iver (I really dislike Bon Iver.)

    Although Typhoon’s song “CPR/Claws Pt. 2” is about changing my mind. Happy melodies, though. The horns. The horns on “Dreams of Cannibalism” sound very familiar, but I can’t think of the band they remind me of. Great discovery! I love NPR music 😀

  2. I just realized why they sound so familiar… it’s because I have one of their songs already in my music library! (face to palm) I have “The Honest Truth” which was included in a free sample I got in 2011!

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