“Representin” – A Refreshing, Classy Look into Sexy

As the title suggest Ludacris and Kelly Rowland are “Representin” what it is to be man and woman in tandem. That would be SEX. Yes we all love it and won’t talk about it. Ludacris and Rowland don’t hold back telling each other what they like to do to each other between the sheets. What’s great is they do it with just them, and NO nudity or booty shaking.  No video…um vixens? No naked p-poppin and twerkin’ because, really, does that have a place in the bedroom? Okay, maybe I’m being cynical now. After all, most of the time I can’t stand sex scenes in movies because there is no point. That’s what porn is for, kiddies.

Anyway, this is the sexiest Kelly has been, music-wise, in her career and she keeps bringing the hits on features as well as her own album Talk A Good Game. Ludacris hit platinum with her here, they counter and supplant each other seamlessly. I’m always a Luda fan and I can’t say he has many misses and this track is a classic mix of dope rhymes, an intoxicating beat, and sultry vocals from Rowland. True baby-making music without being obvious on the visuals.

Ludacris’ Ludaversal should be out before the end of 2013, but has no official release date. He has been releasing tracks via his #IDGAF mixtape and other online sources such as YouTube and VEVO.

PS from @begt: @Bernard_Oliver is going to be contributing to Sandy Beats from now on. Welcome!

2 thoughts on ““Representin” – A Refreshing, Classy Look into Sexy

  1. I am glad to see Luda back and songs about sexy time are so much better than songs about the club… his flow is so damn smooth.

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