Reliving our Youth: Tonic & Sister Hazel

Music is one of the reasons that my wife (the comedian) and I first noticed each other. Music has also been ever present in our life together. One of the bands that has been there for the duration is Sister Hazel. Sister Hazel is a “southern rock” group from Gainesville, Florida formed in 1993. Sister Hazel’s most popular hit is the 90’s classic “All for You”. The record that defined much of the first few years of my relationship with my now wife is Sister Hazel’s 4th release, Chasing DaylightI cannot tell you how many times we have listened to this record. I will not tell you the circumstances in which we listened to this record.


We have attempted to see Sister Hazel perform in Las Vegas before, but were foiled by an acquaintance who was trying to get us into a muli-level marketing opportunity (read: scam). I was bitter until I saw that Sister Hazel would be performing during the Fremont Street Experience summer concert series. This year the series has been alternative rock bands from the 90’s and 2000’s. Sister Hazel was performing the same night as Tonic, who are back out making new music and touring. The show was free (yeah Vegas!) and we were excited. I had tweeted earlier in the day about my excitement. When we arrived downtown I checked my twitter and saw that we had been awarded VIP passes for the show! Along with these passes we received meet & greet passes and got to meet both bands. Not one for needing to meet artists, this was fun. The guys from Tonic were very nice and we didn’t have much time with Sister Hazel.


The show itself was a once in a lifetime experience…but not just for the obvious reasons… About halfway through Tonic’s set it started pouring rain. It does not rain much in the desert, and this was a heck of a storm. Unfazed, Tonic continued their set. Many of the fans had backed under the FSE canopy, so there were not many fans up front. It is one thing to see a show outside, but a totally different thing to see a show outside during a rainstorm in downtown Las Vegas. The Sister Hazel set was delayed a few minutes, but they finally came on stage and also played a bit in the rain (albeit a little less intense rain than Tonic dealt with).

Both groups played their big hits, and new music. It was great to see that even for a free show there were a lot of fans of both bands who were at the show. I saw many “Hazelnuts” belting out every SH song. I felt both bands were playing with the passion and fervor that we would have seen 15 years ago when alternative rock was in its heyday. I am definitely be anticipating the new Sister Hazel record and will be dusting off the Tonic discography.

Here is a clip Tonic:

A new song from Sister Hazel (co-written with Darius Rucker) “Go To Karaoke Song”

And the intro to “All for You”

3 thoughts on “Reliving our Youth: Tonic & Sister Hazel

  1. “I cannot tell you how many times we have listened to this record. I will not tell you the circumstances in which we listened to this record.”

    So many thoughts.

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