You may not know it (yet) from reading this blog, but I am a HUGE Imagine Dragons fan. I first saw them on Friday December 10, 2010 when they opened for The Temper Trap at the Hard Rock Cafe on the Las Vegas Strip. I was there to see Temper Trap. I had heard of this up and coming local band, Imagine Dragons, from a friend who had seen them about a year earlier and had become a mega-fan. I was skeptical, some of the local Vegas bands I’d seen were just not that good. However, as soon as I saw lead singer, Dan Reynolds start singing, I knew this band would be huge. The stage presence of Dan, Wayne Sermon (guitar) and Ben McKee (bass) and former members Brittany and Andrew Tolman (keyboards and drums respectively) was incredible. I do not think Temper Trap had any idea that the opening act would totally destroy anything they could put on as a band. I am still a fan of Temper Trap, but I am a super fan of ID.

Other than the crazy energy and catchy tunes, I do not remember much of the show beyond the feel of the band and of the crowd. However, I do remember one song. That song is “Tokyo”. Since that day, this song has remained one of my favorite ID songs, and one of my favorite songs ever. I have had the good fortune of seeing this song performed live 4 times including that first occasion. However, since the band changed members and released Continued Silence and Night Visions, they’ve not played Tokyo live in Las Vegas (at any public show I am aware of). Tokyo is also my wife’s favorite ID song. And when I say it is her favorite song from ID, I mean, this is the one song she wants to hear them play. She knows all the other songs, but this one song is what represents Imagine Dragons for her. Not having heard Tokyo live in almost two years has been a tough pill to swallow. This is why, with the help of @begt and other ID fans, we are spearheading #OperationTokyo in hopes that Imagine Dragons will play Tokyo live at the Life Is Beautiful festival which @begt, my wife and I will all be attending here in Las Vegas. For my wife and I it will our 6th wedding anniversary the week of Life Is Beautiful and it would be amazing to see them perform this song again. “Where do I have to go to find a honey with a little soul?”. I’ve already found her but I would love to dance with her to “Tokyo” again!

“Tokyo” did not appear on Continued Silence or Night Visions (or the Deluxe Night Visions). You can find it on the It’s Time EP though. You can also watch the complete gem of a video that was made for the song. The band asked fans to submit video of themselves dancing and singing to the song. It is pure, unadulterated gold in my opinion.

Enjoy the video. If you feel the inspiration to assist in our mission, make sure you let Imagine Dragons know that Life will be even more Beautiful when they play “Tokyo” for the Vegas fans at the Life is Beautiful music festival. If you use the twitter, make sure to use the hash tag #OperationTokyo.

(The picture of the #OperationTokyo sign was created and displayed by @begt at Imagine Dragons latest show at the Starlight Theater in Kansas City, MO.)

2 thoughts on “#OperationTokyo

  1. 1) I used one of the extra large sharpies to make that sign. I was high on those fumes by the time I finished.

    2) “Tokyo” is such a great song. Do you think they’ll re-release it later on? I also love “Cover Up”

    3) I have been on the go since Friday, but I will post about that show. It was schweeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

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