New Music: Crystal Fighters

Summer is always the season where we get inundated with new, awesome music. I’ve been discovering a lot of new great songs lately… Or at least discovering that I have been missing out on some of these songs (Don’t you sometimes feel like you should have run into a band a couple of albums ago?)
One of the bands that has recently hit me in the face with great tunes is Crystal Fighters. I came to it by Spotify recommendation. This new-ish Spotify feature is a lot better than Pandora and iTunes recommendations, anyone else thinks so too? I thought it was a new band, but I was wrong. These guys have been around since 2007 and have two albums and a bunch of and remixes out. Their first album, Star of Love, was released in 2010, but didn’t make it to the States until the Spring of 2012. Their most recent album, Cave Rave, was released on May 27th. The first song I heard was “LA Calling” and was enough to get me hooked.

They sound like some type of alternative dance party spiced up with flamenco sounds (i.e. “Xtatic Truth”). The British/Spanish band has its origins in Navarra, Spain.

You will like them if you’d appreciate a remix of Grouplove, The Naked and Famous, and Ozomatli. I’m just going to leave you a couple of tracks here:

2 thoughts on “New Music: Crystal Fighters

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