TBT: G. Love & Special Sauce, 2010

I’m going to start a new series of posts in honor of Throw Back Thursday (TBT). I will post one or two of the write-ups or reviews I did for the music for which I used to contribute.

The first one of the series will be my very first post for Breakfast On Tour (BOT). It was a G. Love & Special Sauce show. Here’s some helpful info: I wrote under “Cafe Con Leche.” This was originally posted on 4/18/2010. Enjoy!

G. Love & Special Sauce

It’s been three weeks after the intimate G. Love & Special Sauce show at George’s Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville, AR on March 31st. But I still find myself singing to the songs they played, and telling everyone that cares to hear how fun and how refreshing that night was.

The set had a bluesy, sexy start with “Blues Music,” and it only got better from there. The crowd swaying in unison, along with G. Love’s torso while he sat owning the vocals, the electric guitar and the harmonica. The next hit, “Garbage Man,” showed the audience just how well he manages all three. But the magic happens when G. Love comes together along band mates Jeffrey Clemens (drums, vocals), Mark Boyce (keyboards), and wild-eye string bass man Timo Shank to form the very special sauce.

Wednesday Night
words and photos by B “Cafe Con Leche” Gutierrez

The more I think about it, the harder it seems to assign this band a genre. Because they mix so many so well. From blues to rap and hip-hop, the only thing established beyond doubt is their love for music. The band enjoys playing each song as if it wasn’t the thousandth time they’ve played it, and that freshness flows over to each person in the room.

The night was full of old and future hits. The so-loved “Baby’s Got Sauce” and “Booty Call” had everyone blushing and melting, specially the ladies in the house. The dirty version of Booty Call, that is; G. Love offered the clean version, between laughs, knowing he’d get a firm “no” from the crowd to such an offer.

In the set came new songs, already hits to those of us who’ve heard them, including “Come Back to Me,” “Ain’t Finished Yet,” and a break-up song played with three acoustic guitars called “Just Fine.” Expect nothing short of a whole lotta L-O-V-E from these men in the coming months. As they prepare a new album and accompany mellow rock star Jack Johnson on tour this Summer and early Fall.

I may be biased, but that night G. Love had me at Holla!

-Cafe Con Leche

G. Love & Special Sauce
G. Love
G. Love

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