This might be my quintessential Summer song

It’s been a year (oh, Summer 2012) since I discovered (read “ran into it somewhere around the Interwebz”) M A U S I and their single “Sol.” I found it in video format, so I can’t really listen to it without picturing the kitty at sec. 48. In fact, that’s how happy I get when I hear this song. I don’t know if I love the video or the song more, but I know it makes me think of Summer.

You know what is very intriguing about M A U S I? They only seem to have this song (and a bunch of remixes of it) and another one called “Move” and that’s it. I cannot find anything else by these guys. ANYTHING. Hurts my feelings a little bit, I’m not gonna lie. I want more M A U S I.

I want to know everyone’s quintessential Summer song and make a playlist. Yessss.

Enjoy the heat!

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