An introduction of sorts

As @begt mentioned, we are two friends with a love of music. When I, @docmurda, met @begt, I didn’t have any idea the music that we would share with each other. There are countless bands whom now dominate my days thanks to @begt. My most recent addiction, thanks to B, is The Naked and Famous which we may get to see together in October!

The desert has always been a spiritual place for me as has music so Sandy Beats fits my personal philosophy as much as it relates to @begt and my friendship. There is a certain pupuseria on Venice Beach that may be able to attest  to that.

I’ve taken many stabs at writing, but never once have I ventured into combing my love of music, writing and friendship.

I grew up listening to Motown, the Beatles, John Denver and Neal Diamond. My parents never hesitated to share their music with me, and those songs still live with me today. The first CD I bought in 6th Grade was Ace of Base, and I studied Algebra while listening to the smooth flow of Warren G. Today my tastes range from old time Bluegrass like Ralph Stanley to the driving beats of Paul Van Dyk. This ride we are about to take is going to be sweet and will have the best soundtrack you can ever imagine.

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